Intervention Comportementale Intensive Précoce (ICI / Analyse appliquée du comportement AAC)



Le programme Abili-T a ouvert ses portes au mois de mai 2011. Ce programme d'intervention comportementale intensive est fondé sur les principes de l'analyse comportementale appliquée (ACA). Abili-T fournit des services bilingues, subventionnés, fondés sur données cliniques à des enfants âgés de 18 mois à 6 ans atteints de troubles du spectre de l'autisme (TSA), de TSA présumés et d'autres troubles du développement. Le ratio enfant-thérapeute est de 1:1. Nos services sont guidés par des pratiques exemplaires empiriques, depuis l'évaluation à la prestation des services, et nos programmes sont personnalisés afin de mieux répondre aux besoins de l'enfant et de sa famille. Les services sont offerts dans notre centre spécialement adapté situé à Montréal, ainsi que dans un contexte familial et communautaire. Richard Kerkhoven, M.Sc. le superviseur du programme, est un analyste associé du comportement agréé, qui supervise une équipe de thérapeutes formés en AAC. L'équipe comprend aussi une orthophoniste.



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"We cannot imagine a more wonderful, capable and caring group of people than the staff at Abili-T. When our son started with them over three years ago, he was in his own world and could not say a word. Today he is a cheerful, playful and curious little boy who loves to talk and make friends and who attends a regular elementary school. We will be forever grateful." 

- Julian Hung & Sow Fun Lee


My six year old son only started just under one month ago, and I can already see a huge change in him.  He has that sparkle in his eyes again, and he is smiling from deep within!  He is connecting with people more and more, and regaining his self-confidence.  This is priceless!

- From a very grateful Mom


“Abili-T has had such a positive impact on my son.  Their individualized, interest-based, and one-to-one programming has been paramount in his progression.  I am so grateful to the incredible staff at Abili-T that continues to help my son reach his fullest potential”.


- Wendy Proulx


“The team at Abili-T is beyond words! They are a warm, loving and committed group of people.  My daughter took to the entire team instantly and we have never looked back! They couple their best practices intervention approach with all the fun and stimulation of a day care. My daughter has grown so much during her short time at the Gold Center! I feel so blessed that Hannah has been able to attend the Abilti-T program and would recommend it to all parents with children on the autism spectrum.  You can't beat it!”

- Hannah's mom (2 year old daughter) 


Abili-T Rocks! A great team of knowledgeable people that actually care and try to find solutions that work for each child, on a case-by-case basis. The staff at Abili-T works alongside with the parents to tackle any and all concerns and issues. Their loving approach is evident in their warm smiles that greet us at the door, and, of course, in the obvious anticipation of our children to get in there day after day. 

Thanks Team,
Maria Maniatakos