Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Training Program


30 hours


January 15th to March 25th, 2020 

Wednesdays: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

(No class on March 4th - Spring Break)


Cost: $975  (See discounts below!)


LocationGold Centre

5331 Ferrier, Montreal, QC  H4P 1M1

Tel.: (514) 345-8330, ext. 319


Introduction to Applied Behaviour Analysis


Learn about:

  • Core basic concepts of the science of ABA
  • Basic principles of behaviour
  • Behaviour-change procedures 

Objectives:  Upon the successful completion of the training program participants will be able to:

  • Describe ABA, ASD and EIBI
  • Implement both structured and naturalistic teaching methodologies used in ABA programs (DDT, NET, shaping, chaining, prompting)
  • Generalize skills using a variety of techniques
  • Identify and describe the ABCs of learning
  • Understand the functions of behaviour
  • Identify strategies used for managing problem behaviour
  • Help promote appropriate behaviours

Who should attend? This program is ideal for those who are seeking employment as instructor therapists, special education teachers, resource teachers, integration aides and para-paraprofessionals working in the field of ASD and neurodevelopmental disabilities. It is also recommended for parents, guardians and family members.


Training Format: PowerPoints, activities, handouts, videos, hands-on learning activities, role-playing, group work, discussions, case scenarios, quizzes, ongoing feedback and one final practical exam and one final written exam.



Attestation: To receive the Gold Centre's Attestation of Attendance in Recognition of the Successful Completion of 30 hours of Training in ABA, the student must have been present for the 30 hours of training and passed the quizzes and exams with a cumulative grade of at least 70%.  A Gold Centre Attestation demonstrates to employers that you benefited from both theoretical and practical training in ABA and that you have acquired many professional skills.  With this Attestation you may seek employment under the guidance of a qualified ABA consultant. 


Difference between ABA and ABA with RBT™


ABA (30 hours)

ABA with RBTTM (48 hours)


Intro. to applied behaviour analysis: core concepts of the science, basic principles of behaviour, and behaviour-change procedures.


Intro. to applied behaviour analysis: core concepts of the science, basic principles of behaviour, and behaviour-change procedures in accordance with the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board (BACB) 2nd edition RBT task list.


Note: the above content is more in depth than ABA (without RBT) training across all topics.





3 hours on Ethics (as per  2nd ed. RBT Task list)

1 hour on supervision (as per 2nd ed. RBT Task list)


Upon successful completion of this training component, participant is eligible to seek credentialing as a Registered Behaviour Technician (RBTTM).  Other requirements include:

  • Successful completion of a competency assessment administered by a certified behaviour analyst (BCaBA, BCaBA, BCBA-D)  - within 180 days of completing training
  • Successful completion of the RBT exam with the BACB
  • Ongoing supervision with a certified behaviour analyst for 5% monthly hours worked as an RBT – once credentialed.
  • Successfully complete a competency assessment (see above) on an annual basis -once credentialed. 






















Course Cancellation & Refund Policy