The MateriaTech is an educational resource bank of almost 9000 materials created for individuals of all ages living with developmental disabilities (autism spectrum disorders, global developmental delays, physical developmental delays). Our specialized team creates and adapts activities, toys, books, games, teaching tools and visual aids. Material is selected specifically for its potential to increase development in a variety of domains: communication, social skills, motor skills, etc. The MateriaTech also comprises items that are specific to developing speech and language as well as fine and gross-motor skills. Items can be borrowed on site or through our web-based catalogue, which inventories all items contained within the MateriaTech. Members may borrow up to 25 items during a 90-day lending period. 


Our goal is to provide the community (organizations, professionals, and families) with a wide variety of bilingual, educational material and to offer an innovative and creative solution that will reduce both the financial and human resources spent on the creation of educational material geared towards individuals with special needs.


The MateriaTech is housed within the Gold Centre. Its entrance is at the back of the building at 5331 Ferrier, corner Decarie. This space is located within the heart of the island of Montreal, and is easily accessible by public transit.


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(514) 345-8330, ext. 200

Jennifer Macklin, Bsc, Advisor

Sara Carpentier, B.A., Clerk



9:00 am - 3:00 pm, Monday to Friday


5331 Ferrier (back entrance)
Montréal, QC  H4P 1M1

514-345-8330 ext. 200
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